11/28 (Fri) @ 宮前市民館大会議室

11月28日金曜日 宮前市民館


今日はSpirit of Christmasと日本昔話メドレーの練習をしました!先生もおっしゃっていたように、とても有意義な練習ができたかと思います!

November 28, 2014/Miyamae Culture Center

The 43rd Regular Concert was over. We have been preparing for the next concerts at a nursery school and Higashi Takane Park on December 20.

We practiced the Spirit of Christmas and Japanese Folktale Selection today. The rehearsal was quite fruitful as Tanaka-sensei pointed out.

The time for rehearsals for these concerts is shorter than expected.

Let’s concentrate on the task at hand!

カテゴリー: practice パーマリンク