12/5 (Fri) @ 幸市民館大会議室

今日はそんな2014年を象徴するアナと雪の女王でおなじみのねLet it goと妖怪ウォッチのようかい体操第一、それとクリスマスにぴったりの聖しこの夜を練習しました。


December 5, 2014 / Saiwai Culture Center

It’s really getting colder here now. The year 2014 is nearing its end!

We rehearsed Let It Go, a familiar piece of Disney Movie of this year “Frozen”, Monster’s Exercise of Monster Watch and Christmas music of Silent Night.

As almost everyone knows all these pieces, we practiced the way of singing music with our instruments, paying attention to Rhythm and Tempo. We could enjoy music more deeply if each of us takes responsibility as a player appropriately.

The next stage is coming soon. Take good care of ourselves and do our best!

カテゴリー: practice パーマリンク