2/20 (Fri) @ 宮前市民館大会議室

2月20日 金曜日は、宮前での練習でした!
新しいメンバーも加わった嬉しいこの日に、感じました^ – ^

February 20th, Practice at Miyamae!
We played several songs to determine which songs we will be playing in our next performances.
Sight reading is always difficult, but when we see each phrase, it always leaves us wondering. What kind of atmosphere does the composer wanted to make? What is the best way to play it? Such an experience is really refreshing.
Selected piece will be practiced many times, but we should not forget those feelings when we sight-reading it. Always think and imagine while we play is really important.
And….new member has joined us!!
What a great day for Kawasui!

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