3/22 (Sun) @ 生涯学習プラザ多目的ルーム


Sunday, 2015/03/22 At Public Learning Plaza
Amidst spring wind and sunlight, it IS the time for hanami (cherry blossom seeing)!…. walk around with warm sun!…. nope, it is the time for the once-a-month whole day practice (9am-5pm)
We practiced for Mori no Concert that will be held on Sunday, April 5th. As today is the only long practice before the performance, we have to make the most out of it, but it was harder than we thought. From the starting position and color of the sound, we repeated basic of the basic as the time goes on. And so, we did not make significant progress on the song.
BUT! Slowly but sure, Kawasui’s sound is getting its shape.
Ensemble with few people has its difficulties, but by combining our spirit, we can make enjoyable performance for the audience!!

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