5/1 (Fri) @ 幸市民館大会議室

前回の練習で、田中先生が予告されていた「Jurassic Park Soundtrack Highlights」にまず取り組みました。リズムの流れについて細かく指示を受けた後、最初から最後まで通して、繰り返し練習を行いました。細かいテーマを区切って丁寧にご指導いただくのが通常の練習パターンなので、通しての練習に少し戸惑いました。1週間前に予告されていたためなのでしょうか?回数を重ねる度に全体のまとまりが良くなったように感じました。しっかり練習してきたメンバーの皆様を見習いたいと思います。残り時間で「バビロン川のほとりで」も通して練習しました。
SWC 2015のデモCDが配布されました。「息を吸って楽器を鳴らす」、「しっかりビートをとる」、「雰囲気でふかない」。頑張りましょう。
May 1, 2015 / Saiwai Culture Center
It is now May! We gathered at a rehearsal hall wearing light clothes.
We firstly played ‘Jurassic Park Soundtrack Highlights’ as Tanaka-sensei had announced to rehearse the week before. We repeatedly practiced this from beginning to end without interruption after detailed rhythm and other instructions had been given. We were somehow embarrassed because we usually rehearse shorter phrases carefully. Was it because of the announcement last week? Our sounds seemed to become better by repeatedly playing the whole piece. We would like to follow the members who had practiced seriously the required piece of music. We spend the remaining time playing a whole piece of ‘By the Rivers of Babylon’ as well.
Demo CDs for Summer Wind Concert 2015 were distributed to members. ‘Sound a musical instrument by taking a deep breath,’ ‘Maintaining the correct beat’ and ‘Refraining from playing in our own way.’ Let’s do our best! 

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