1/22 (Fri) @ 宮前市民館視聴覚室

2月の保育園での演奏予定の曲目から「Instant Concert」と「レット・イット・ゴ―」を練習しました。音質、音程など音楽の基本を身につけるよう、毎回ご指導いただいておりますが、今日は特に1) ビート、2) テンポ、3) リズムをしっかりとるようご注意がありました。
January 22, 2016 / Miyamae Culture Center
We rehearsed ‘Instant Concert’ and ‘Let It Go,’ two pieces of those for two concerts to be held at Nurseries in February. Tanaka-sensei guides us to pay attention to The Basics of Music such as sound quality or pitch every time. Especially today, he guides us to take 1) Beat, 2) Tempo and 3) Rhythms correctly.
We will have only two rehearsals before the stage on February 6. Let’s practice playing music with keeping Tanaka-sensei’s every guidance in our mind.

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