3/13 (Sun) @ 生涯学習プラザ多目的ルーム

久しぶりの日曜練習。学業、仕事、家庭など、人生の様々なステージを歩む仲間たちが、一つのコンサートを作り上げるために集まりました。平日の練習参加が難しい少し久しぶりの面々もこられました。素敵な仲間に囲まれ、音楽を楽しめること自体、とても素晴らしいことだと思います。各人のプライベートを尊重しながら、ともに音楽を楽しめる - こんな気持ちのよい環境作りに尽力してくださっている方々に感謝です。
March 13, 2016 / Kawasaki Lifelong Learning Plaza
It’s been a long time since we rehearsed on Sunday. Diversified members of various carriers such as students, business people, or others gathered to rehearse pieces for Forest Park Concert. Several members, unable to attend weekday rehearsals, joined today. It is a wonderful pleasure to have an opportunity to attend a rehearsal, surrounded by good friends. We are especially very grateful for the members making efforts to create such a pleasant environment for music activities, with respecting each member’s private life.
We rehearsed all pieces for Forest Park Concert (Higashitakane Forest Park, April 3, 2016) under a warm atmosphere as usual, paying attention to sound attacks, playing music simply and so on.

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